Book Review: Me Before you

I picked this book a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I saw the movie trailer and I loved the characters and the story, it made me want to read the book asap.

Three weeks later after picking it up, I can tell you that I adored this book. The story is not like any other stories I´ve read. Me Before You is a best seller and since the movie is coming in June, everyone is reading it.

This is the story about Will Trainor, a financier in London who is adventurous and full of life.  He had an accident that left him in a wheelchair, quadriplegic. He then has to move in with his parents in a small town outside of London so they can take care of him and that´s when Louisa Clark comes in.  Louisa or Lou has just lost her job at a local cafe and is desperately looking for another job; her family economic situation is not well so she ends up working as a caregiver for Will.  Louisa is a very peculiar character, she´s like a quirky young 28 year old that has never left this little town, however, she sparks life and happiness. Lou will have an enormous task to change Will´s point of view about life and make him see that his new situation does not mean he can still have a good life and be happy. Will she be able to this for Will or not?.

I can´t tell you more because I will spoil this for you.  You have to read this book and see the movie. I think the casting was perfect.  Sometimes, when I see a movie based on a book and don´t like the casting, I can´t read the book.  But this casting resembles exactly the characters in the book. So I really hope the Me Before You movie will be just as good as the book.

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