Re-Shape Your New Year Resolutions

We are almost by mid February.  Are you keeping up with your new year resolutions? There is a lot of discussion about setting resolutions, is it good or not?. Personally, I think that writing new year goals gives us a clear road to follow in our lives.  What do we want to achieve? What do we like? What things do we want to incorporate in our lives? Which bad habits do we want to eliminate?, etc.  I think it´s worth trying anything that can help to our personal growth.

In January I found an article on about the importance of writing down your goals and it shows a new way to write them. It´s not just about listing them, putting away that list and wait until they come true during the year…You have to analyze those goals and dreams, and then list the actions that you need to do to achieve those goals.

This is the advice from the article to not only write your goals but also make them happen, which is the most important thing:

1.  Set a timer to 3 minutes and write ALL your goals, as fast as possible without giving it to much thought.  If we think too much then we find obstacles that could make us disregard that goal.  Of course there will be obstacles, and you can get over those but we´ll get to that later.

2. Then you have to write 8-10 goals you want to achieve this year. Which are they? What do you want to accomplish by December 2017? You can include fitness, leisure, hobbies, business, etc.

3. Of those 8-10 goals, pick 1 goal, the game changer goal in your life. That goal that will help you achieve the rest of the list.

4.  After choosing that goal, write between 30-50 things you need to do to achieve it. This will lead you to your action plan for the year.  Then you can start transferring those actions to your daily to-do lists until you complete them all.

This is a nice life roadmap and it is something that I´m trying this year.  I have found that it is really helpful to read this action plan every week or as often as possible because this will keep you focused on what you really want to achieve, otherwise, time goes by and you forget what you were trying to do and then miss one more year.  There will always be distractions, and that´s not a bad thing, it´s part of life, but we have to remember what we want and don´t forget that, and do everyday one action, even if it´s little that will take us closer to that game changer goal.

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If you want to read Inc´s article, here is the link

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