what is the advantage of a roof top tent

what is the advantage of a roof top tent?

The advantages of a roof top tent are that it guarantees to keep you safe since it is at height, remains clean unlike ground tents, looks beautiful and attractive, and most importantly, it is more hygienic and comfortable.

These are some cursory advantages to draw your attention. Apart from these, there are many other benefits that I will also discuss. 

I have been camping, particularly RV camping, for many years, and still, it is my passion. So, this post is purely my personal experience with roof top tents. After reading this post, I am sure you will have a clear idea of whether you should look for RTT for your next camping trip or not.

Advantages of a Roof Top Tents:

Advantage Of Roof Top Tent

The advantages of a roof top tent that can make a clear difference between any kind of camping tent are given below:

  • Roof top tent has off the ground advantages
  • Easy to set up
  • RTT remains clean and hygienic
  • Roof top tent is comfortable
  • Save space inside your vehicle
  • Provide better view
  • Easier to choose a camping location
  • RTT is Warmer
  • Allow for better ventilation
  • RTT looks attractive

1) Roof top tent has off the ground advantages

You are safe no matter where you want to stop and set up the rooftop tent for a night. As you are at height, even if it is raining, snowfall, or in normal weather conditions, you will be safer while sleeping from any danger.

On the other hand, what do you expect in the case of a ground tent in the rain? Tomorrow you will be in the water pool – actually in the mud. Also, you will surely need to wash the tent after returning home. As a matter of fact, I’ve done it countless times.

Also, think about wild animals at night while sleeping – you have to be more conscious in the ground tent.

2) Easy to set up

Roof top tents have nothing to do with the ground- no stakes, poles, etc., to keep the tent in place. You just have to stop the vehicle, and setting up is a matter of minutes.

However, there are different types of roof top tents, and setup time and difficulty can be varied, but overall, I believe RTT takes less time to install.

3) RTT remains clean and hygienic

This point is very close to “off-the-ground advantages,” but it has its importance. If you want to enjoy your camping, health comes first.

If you use RTT, your tent will be cleaner. So, you don’t have to wash or clean the tent frequently. In my case, if there is nothing above my tent, like a tree, etc., while raining, I wash my RTT tent after the whole season.

Also, in my experience, unlike a ground tent, you will be less prone to pollution-related diseases in the roof top tent.

In the case of ground tents, campers commonly have caught tetanus, botulism, anthrax, etc., because of contaminated soil around them.

4) Roof top tent is comfortable

Although many brands offer exceptional ground tents, what about the uneven ground, you cannot feel comfortable on a bumpy surface. I can bet you will not sleep the whole night. 

Also, you will have to clean the space where you want to install the ground tent, which can also be frustrating if you need to burn the fire and you are late or if it is raining.

On the other hand, a roof top tent provides a flat surface for sleeping, and nothing will be frustrating for you. The RTTs must be stable and less likely to fly even when installed on moving vehicles and you are not in the tent. This is why they are heavy both from the bottom and the walls. So, to make the bed heavy, it is obvious to build it like a mattress.

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5) Save space inside your vehicle

As I mentioned earlier, every RTT is undoubtedly heavy, so you just need to tie it with even a weak cord on the rooftop. It will not fly anywhere. It will also be a good idea to install your roof top tent if you plan to camp nearby. Believe me – a half-hour drive will not affect your vehicle mileage.

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This way, you will have a lot of free space that will be filled with the tent only if you keep it inside the vehicle. You can take other extra luggage with you that is even less necessary for the short term—for example, a rope, water bottles, food, etc.

6) Provide better view

Again this is related to “off the ground.” The main reason we camp is to see nature and feel it. Roof top tents are usually 5-6 high than ground tents, so you will get a more expansive picture of everything around you and a better view without obstructions.

7) Easier to choose a camping location

With a roof top tent, you simply need to stop the vehicle on even ground regardless of what is surrounding you. For example, if you go to the river bank, you will mostly find wet or muddy ground and rocks. 

On the other hand, a roof top tent will work everywhere, even in a crowded or limited appropriate camp place on the river bank. You don’t have to look further for a better place.

8) RTT is Warmer

As I mentioned earlier, roof top tents must be heavy, so their material is thick. Therefore, unlike ground tents, they keep your body-heat inside the camp for a long time. If you are thinking about height and air blowing, it does not matter. In my experience, a thick bed and walls are enough to warm you the whole night. However, if unsatisfied, you can buy a roof tent heater.

9) Allow for better ventilation

No matter whether it is hot or cold, you need to breathe in the fresh air. RTTs are designed in a way that allows for passing the air from the base. Also, you will see a lot of windows in the roof top tents that you can keep open in the summer.

Additionally, the tent will not wet like ground tents because of evaporation. Also, some RTTs feature condensation pads to observe the excessive moisture to keep you alive in the cold.

10) RTT looks attractive

Just think you are camping in the roof top tent on the river bank. On the other side, other campers are in the ground tents. Your tent will look more attractive in the scenery. Yes, some people may not like RTT, but they will admit that you can go anywhere at any time – no need to pack up.

Final thoughts

Whether you like to camp in the roof top tent or are happier with the ground tent is a matter of personal preference. However, no one can deny the advantages of roof top tents. They are more secure, clean, comfortable, reliable, and look cool and attractive. If you ask me what you choose from the ground and roof top tent, I will surely go for RTT.


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